Bad Girls And Dangerous Women

Mysterious Women

Mysterious Women

Are any of you out there fans of “dangerous” women? Well, it seems that many of you really do love to read true crime stories about these bad girls. Men, as well are fascinated with female crime, and can even admire these particular criminals’ bravery in unusual circumstances.

Over hundreds of years, women who didn’t fit the mold have behind their real life stories for us to either marvel at or be totally shocked by. We are fascinated by women who have acted as assassins and spies, women who cross-dressed to enter into the male world, women who were famous mistresses, or even lived as pirates.

There have always been women of every culture and religion who have defied the attitudes imposed on them because they were “only” women, and proved that they can be just as calculating, ruthless, and deadly as their male counterparts.

Some worked outside of their culturally created limitations to do good deeds. They fought in wars dressed as men, or were dropped behind enemy lines to spy for their country. Some even commanded ships.

Somehow, “bad” women seem more shocking to some than dangerous men. There is an image we have been conditioned to unconsciously believe, that women are weaker than men, are always nurturers, are naturally kind, never as cunning. Some believe even that it’s wrong for women to behave like men.

Many true life stories about some very strong although sometimes frightening women have managed to survive and find their way into the history books so that we can all enjoy reading about them.

If you would like to read true stories about women who broke the mold, click here.


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