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Carolyn Blake

Carolyn Blake

Welcome to my little blog. Five years ago I adopted a precious teen-aged Romanian boy, and later inherited his wonderful brother. In the last year I have embarked upon supporting this exciting  journey by learning all I can about producing  income online. I can say that persistence pays off!

Writing has become lucrative and I produce web content, edit books, write eBooks, and publish on Kindle. I also create, design, and maintain WordPress websites. 

Of course I miss my beloved America. I remember well the beautiful land – Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, the lakes, mountains, and the trees in the Fall.  I miss the easy social atmosphere  and the rich culture. But this opportunity to come to intimately know another people, and learn their traditions and way of life is something not to be missed.


I now live in a small town in eastern Romania, and every day is a grand adventure. I teach conversational English here and my life is profoundly enriched by my colleagues and students. I never, ever get used to the wonder of waking up in my new homeland every day.  Now my task is to master the beautiful Romanian language.

Thank you for stopping by.



2 comments on “Carolyn Blake’s Blog

  1. I just know you will you will do very well at this and supporting your boys….I am excited for you and this new adventure….

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